King pig and i,Helmet pig,and other pigs stole the angry bird eggs,but we got beat up.Then we were waching t.v. and a walmart commercal came on so we went to walmart,but the manneger kicked use out and said no pigs allowed.Then we hide behind some custermer and the manager didn't see use.When the man pushed the basket we couldn't keep up and they saw us.,we hopped in a basket and pretend we were plushtoys, but the people bought us and when they scanned us some of us blinked and the clerk cought us.Then we got in another person with no kids,so they put us with the plush toys.Then we snuck out and whent to the cloths section and stacked ourselfs on top of each other and put on some of the cloths.The only problem was that it had a picture of angry birds on it so we complaned but we must of gotten to loud for the manneger to hear,because he came along with a fastly we put on another pair of cloths yet they were girl cloths and we could't let any one find out so we just wore them with a hat,yet it was a boy hat so before anyone got curious,we told the maneger that we were it the front of the store and quickly put on boy cloths.But the eggs were in the same section as the bacon,and if you didn't know,being a pig and becoming bacon is quite scary.So we weren't to brave to go past the bacon to get to the eggs,and the manager was looking for us on the other side,but we were so scared we shaddered the cloths off and the manneger caught us and chased us with his broom,so thats why we prefure bird eggs.THE END