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This story may seem sad or disgusting.

Chapter 1Edit

It was a sunny afternoon and King pig saw the birds guarding the eggs but then they fainted. King pig told two pigs to quickly steal the eggs. They ran to the eggs. But every bird blocked the path to the egg. The pig named Dumb jumped on Terence because he thought he would wake up and let them steal the eggs (how dumb!). Terence woke up then he killed the piggy's.

Chapter 2Edit

It was 34 hours later and King pig was worried that the pigs were dead. He told corporal pig and went. Then King pig ate a 900 pound cake. Then he went to "The Doctors Of Piggy City" and don't ask me why!!!

Chapter 3Edit

Corporal found Dumb D. Piggy and Somebody C. Pig bodies dead and the birds playing in side and sure enough the eggs were inside too (darn!!!) Corporal pig went back to Piggy city. Corporal pig met up with King pig who had a huge scar on his fat belly. Give them to Chronicler pig King pig said. Chronicler pig set the funeral for August 8, 2014.

Chapter 4Edit

Oh my dumb dumb piggy is dead said Ms. Piggy. And my Honeybear is dead said Ms. Pig. Ok chronicler pig said. Here we are to say goodbye I love you now go in the ground to Somebody Called Pig and Dumb Dumb Piggy... Ms.Piggy interrupted MY PIG FiRST how DArE you!!! Ok dumb dumb.. Ms Pig interrupted my pig first! The fight lasted hours and the piggy's body was buried while they where fighting and moms never saw their son again.


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