NOTE: All of these poems are presented in their original format, so please don't mind the occasional errors. Also, please look at the link at Moustache Pig's Joke Book page to see where the poems come from.

There once was a pig with a 'stache,
He dreamed of eggs as cash.
So when he went to get some,
There were three birds. not one!
And now...He's known as trash.

there once was a pig with a crown
eating grass always made him down
while finding an egg
the birds never begged
for the pig was kicked out of town

There once was a pig that was fat,
Who also acts like a brat,
We all know he's big,
Cuz he loves eating figs,
And seriously, he tastes like ....!

there once was a pig that had a hat
it made him look like a rat
for it was settle
that it was made of mettle
and he just got whacked with a bat

there once was pig named Greg
who dreampt he was eating an egg
he woke in the night
with a terrible fright...
King Piggy

...and learned that his dream did NOT come true

There once was an alien pig
Who grew unbelievably big.
His stomach won't quiet
No matter the diet
'Til a bird ends his grumbling gig.

There once was a pig in a bubble
Whose structures caused nothing but trouble
He wished he had legs
When he saw antenna eggs
And flew into a pile of rubble.

There once was a pig with balloons
that were purple and green and maroon
He went way too high
and was sure he would die
and fell on TNT with a BOOM!