The Great Hamm Caper: Part 1- "They Never Learn"Edit

Baby Hamm woke up, startled. "Dada?" he called. A bright light shined in his face. Hamm looked down and saw he was tied to a chair with duct tape! "Woza!" he said. The Fat Pig appeared. "Well, well, well, if it isn't my little nephew. Hamm tried not to look. He was very scared of his uncle as he had abused him before his parents were killed and he was adopted by Ryan, a friendly yellow bird. "It's time to undo all the good the birds did to you," the Fat Pig said. He put up a large flipchart infront of the baby pig. Hamm sat silently. "Lesson 1," the Fat Pig began. "Birds are Bad." He put his pointer stick on a picture of a bird. He frowned and shook his head. "Bad," he said. Then he put his pointer on a picture of a pig. He smiled and nodded. "Good," he explained. Then he took the pointer off the picture of the pig and pointed at Hamm. "You- pig. Pig- good." Hamm still sat silently. The Fat Pig hopped over to pick him up. But when he did, Hamm suddenly deflated. "What the... it's a balloon!" the Fat Pig shouted. Down the path, Ryan, holding the REAL Baby Hamm, heard the Fat Pig's shout of frustration. "Some pigs never learn," he laughed. "Dada wight," agreed Hamm.

The End