Caution! Story may make you hungry!

Chapter 1: Like a Tasty DayEdit

King Pigram was talking to the minion pigs with the Helmet Pig and Moustache Pig beside him. "Attention all pigs!" he said, "Right behind you, is a 10 feet long Dessert Can!" Everybody was amazed. One pig asked, "What do we do with it, sire?" "Well, if it's an emergency and you need to get food for energy, you eat one snack, good?" answered King Pigram. "I'll be setting alarms if somepig is eating for no reason or stealing! Oink." Helmet Pig said. "Now BACK TO WORK!" King Pigram ordered. So, the pigs went back to their jobs.

Chapter 2: Hungryyyyyyy...Edit

Many pigs were hungry, and rushed to the Dessert Can. When they were done, everyone was working properly. "Wow sire, you're really got smart on this!" Helmet Pig said. "I'm always smart," said King Pigram. A few hours later, pigs were moaning. "Weeee neeed foooood!" they groaned. "Huh?" King Pigram said, confused. The next day, he checked the Dessert Can. "Whoops, it's empty!" King Pigram said. He order 30 packs of candy and ice cream. Every pig ate it. Helmet Pig ordered 55 packs of delicous chocolate. This time King Pigram put it in another place. Fat Pig was sooo hungry that he could smell the taste. When he found the smell, he dived in. King Pigram heard an alarm. He rushed to the secret dessert place, he saw Fat Pig stuck. All the other pigs went there, as well. "I'M STUCK!" Fat Pig mumbled. The Dessert Can exploded.

The end